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Chroma Ate Electronics Incorporated

Company Background
From its establishment in 1984 until now, Chroma Ate through the spirit of initiative, responsibility, and innovativeness has continually striven, as its corporate culture, better technology, quality, and service. For the past ten years, the company has constantly poured resources to R&D of all sorts of precision electronics testing equipment, power electronics products, and automatic testing equipment, offering each electronics manufacturers the best solution for their product testing need. Through superior testing, electronics makers can assure product function quality, boost manufacturing effectiveness, and loser testing and production costs.

Chroma Ate has held product R&D and innovation as top development priorities. Through both in-house development and global strategic partnerships, the company has managed to increase its technical skills. In manufacturing strategy, Chroma Ate, through its many years of production experience, has developed a special flexible manufacturing system. This system is not only flexible but also uses a highly automated production model, fulfilling market needs and responding to the need for few but multi-functional equipment products. Chroma Ate’s marketing strategy revolves on developing its own brand name and satisfying international standards. Its complete and globally-enabled sales and after-sales service network is located close to end market, easily gaining sales opportunities. President and general manager is Mr. Hwang Chin Ming, spokesman is Mr. Chang Ming Hsiung. Capital is NT$2.013 billion. The company listed on December 21, 1996 with 201.6 million ordinary shares.

Stock Number: 2360
Company Name: Chroma Ate Inc.
President: Hwang Chin Ming
General Manager: Hwang Chin Ming
Spokesperson: Chang Ming Hsiung
Main Business: Precision electronics testing equipment, automatic testing systems, power electronics products
Founding: November 8, 1984
Business Number Registration: 09461024
Headquarters: 43, Wu-Chuan Rd., Wu-Ku Ind. Park, Wu-Ku, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: (02) 2298-3855

Company Organization
General Administration, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Special Marketing
Board of Directors

In the past, Chroma Ate’s organizational structure was along functional lines. But with to make maximum use of limited resources and to enter into another growth phase, the company has trained many experts to undertake its organizational restructuring. To build a new organization, and aside from fulfilling the previous conditions, there is still a need for the new organization to foster more talent to fully flex its capabilities, continually innovate, and create personal and company wide sense of achievement.

Chroma Ate divides its products based on markets. This was done to allow more industry related professionals delve in to R&D product planning. The company is also divided into several business concerns to attract more employees get involved in each business domain and create more profits for the company. The new company organization is in place, authorization systems will also be adjusted to allow smoother and faster operations.

Business Strategy
Chroma Ate, with the spirit of initiative, responsibility, and innovation, strives to improve its technology, quality, and service as its business motto. The company considers intelligence as its most important production tool. Through creative use of space, the equipment leader has provided a conducive environment for nurturing its employees. Its accumulated innovative ideas are the company’s most important asset. Chroma Ate seeks professional management, and technology oriented business as its development base.

Chroma Ate is moving towards becoming a world-renowned maker of precision testing and measurement equipment. With its superior R&D skills, flexible manufacturing systems, and global sales network, the industry leader has managed to focus on its main goals, emphasizing self-management and a strong organizational structure that allows the company to perform effectively. In addition, Chroma Ate has an accurate measurement of high-tech market trends and so has continually introduced high value-added products, fulfilling market demand and rising above the competitors in the global market.

Business Prospects
Chroma Ate firmly believes that the key to a successful business is a creative and exceptional talent pool. Through the company’s innovative use of space, goal-oriented view, self-management, and a total R&D, production, sales, and service structure, Chroma Ate has built a highly-efficient business system. Such superiority has boosted the company’s profile among competitors in other developed nations. With this advantage, Chroma Ate has through the years, won world-class recognition, use, trust, and respect by large companies. Now, Chroma Ate is a world-class equipment maker.

Human Resources
A comprehensive benefit package:
1. Labor insurance, medical insurance, group insurance, regular physical checkups
2. Birthday gifts, wedding and funeral help, yearly local or overseas trips
3. Employees canteen, relaxation center, audio-visual library, KTV room, 5-day work week, employee training
4. Employee stock dividends, retirement benefits, five-year separation pay
5. Car plan, parking space, labor rules are better than that set by labor laws

A reasonable pay system
1. Based on educational attainment and related work experience
2. Yearly salary adjustment based on work evaluation
3. Yearly pay of 14 months, evaluation of pay policies based on industry market levels whenever needed
4. Generous employee dividend pay

Management System
From Chroma Ate’s establishment in 1984 until now, initiative, responsibility, and innovation have been the guiding spirit moving the company to seek better technology, quality, and service. Through its ten-year history, Chrom Ate has been developing all sorts of precision electrical testing and measurement instruments, power electronics products, and automatic testing systems. These products offer electronics products makers the best solution package for their product testing needs, guaranteeing product functional quality, boosting production efficiency, and lowering testing and production costs. Chroma Ate firmly believes that the key to a successful business is a creative and exceptional talent pool. Through the company’s innovative use of space, goal-oriented view, self-management, and a total R&D, production, sales, and service structure, Chroma Ate has built a highly-efficient business system. Such superiority has boosted the company’s profile among competitors in other developed nations.

Products and Services
Precision Electronics Testing and Measurement Equipment
1. Video Pattern Generator:
This product series is designed with precision phase lock loop to produce sophisticated video graphic signals. The main use of this product is to test cathode ray tube and liquid crystal display flat panel displays, assuring product quality. Since the product functions fully satisfy market needs and are easily operated, computer monitor makers have warmly embraced this type of equipment. To meet market demands, the company has constantly introduced new models. Up until now, more than 90% of local monitor companies are using Chroma Ate’s equipment while the company controls 60% of the world market, making it one of the top-three brands in the world.
2. Color Analyzer Equipment
With the cooperation of the Industrial Technology and Research Institute’s testing center and with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chroma Ate has developed a precision optical testing and measurement equipment. The primary use of this equipment is to test computer monitor and TV color such as color rendition, brightness, and contrast. Through this testing equipment, monitor makers are assured of the quality of their product’s color and brightness and can serve as a benchmark for other products.
3. Programmable AC Power Source
This product offers a clean source of AC current and can at the same time simulate the different voltage and frequencies of other countries. In this way, products can be tested based on power. Chroma Ate’s power source can simulate power line disturbances to test a product’s performance under abnormal power conditions.
4. Programmable DC Power Source
Highly stable and absolutely reliable DC power sources are designed based on high performance needs. These power sources are multi-functional and low-cost.
5. Programmable Electronic Load
To meet power testing needs of electronic products, programmable electronic load units can simulate DC power source supply output or electronic performance component’s real load situations. Through this testing, different electrical needs can be tested.
6. Power Analyzers
Precision power analyzers meet worldwide testing need for electrical and magnetic field compliances. This type of instrument will play an increasingly important role in the future.
7. Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Testing Equipment
Chroma Ate’s DRAM testing equipment is currently the only locally developed equipment of this type. The equipment is lightweight and multifunctional. For most computer makers and memory module makers, this testing equipment is the best solutions package for their memory testing needs.

Automatic Testing and Measurement Systems
1. Power Supply Automatic Testing System:
Modularized, highly assembled, automatic testing systems are mainly used for power supply equipment R&D and analysis, production testing, and quality control. In Taiwan Chroma Ate has more than 90% of this equipment segment market.
2. Monitor Automatic Adjustment System:
Through artificial recognition systems, human operated testing and adjustment can be done away with, improving production quality and effectiveness. This system is a dream come true for monitor makers who look for automatic production adjustments and is the best tool for monitor production adjustments.

Power Electronic Products
1. Telecommunications Use High Frequency Switching Rectifiers
Chroma Ate has developed a switching power supply offering high power EMI, heat dissipating, and efficient systems—all in-house developed. The Ministry of Economic Affair’s Industrial Development Bureau has awarded Chroma Ate a prize for having a leading product. The applications market for these products is to expand the power supply systems of electronic switches and telecommunications base stations.

Research and Development
Technology is the root of the high-tech industry. Having one’s own technology is the key to an enterprise’s survival. Chroma Ate has emphasized product R&D and innovation, using in-house development resources and global strategic partnerships to boost its own technological skills. In terms of manufacturing strategy, the company, with its rich production experience spanning several years, has developed its own flexible manufacturing system that offers a highly flexible and mechanized production model. This system fits perfectly with market demand and fully satisfies the need for fewer equipment but with more functionality.

Competitive Advantage
In a world without marketing borders, Chroma Ate has held to its brand name to rise to prominence in the international scene. The company has set up branch offices in the US, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen. With a complete global marketing facility and after sales service network, Chroma Ate has managed to go closer to end markets, gaining important sales advantages.

By squarely facing challenges, the equipment maker has won trust as its marketing strategy. With its technical skills and a complete marketing channel that involves also foreign partners, Chroma Ate has established an international strategic partnership. This partnership means a global marketing network, mutually beneficial, and with shared resources, greatly expands market share.

Chroma Ate’s application service department is responsible for product application and technical information. Aside from offering fast answers and complete service for customers, it also increases the intellectual value of products—intangible high added value. For many years, worldwide industry leaders have been using Chroma Ate’s products, winning their trust and recognition. Growth rate over the years has been over 30% per year. Estimated income for 2000 is estimated to be NT$2.5 billion, making the company a heavyweight among worldwide equipment makers.

Company News
Chroma Ate Inc. released its financial statement for the first half of 2000 in August 29, 2000. ArthurAndersen audited the financial statement with Li Chen Ming and Chang Ming Cheng signing. A rights law evaluation of long-term stock investment was used and an un-audited evaluation of an investment house was also done at the same accounting period. Long-term stock rights investment amounted to NT$1,046,180,000 with an investment loss of NT$26,609,000. Investment house information has not been audited and so these figures are conservative estimates. Only after the company’s president and reviewers sign the report will the report be official.

In June 21, 2000, Chroma Ate Inc. clarifies that media reports about the company’s buying 298,000,000 shares of Taiwan Fixed Network worth NT$2.98 billion was not true and the company is not investing in Taiwan Fixed Network.

In June 12, 2000, Chroma Ate acquired a lot in Taoyuan’s Gueishan area to build a R&D facility.